Monday, September 6, 2010 Before 7 – experts note the high school reform – Threats to the NPRI – Before 7 A day of action that looks like a “warm-up lap.” On Monday, the SNES-FSU called the strike to protest job cuts, reform of teacher training and deteriorating working conditions.

from Monday, September 6, 2010 Before 7 – experts note the high school reform – Threats to the NPRI – Before 7 A day of action that looks like a "warm-up lap." On Monday, the SNES-FSU called the strike to protest job cuts, reform of teacher training and deteriorating working conditions. You will find several newspaper stories where strikers (or non-strikers) talk about the climate in this fall. This is the case in Liberation or Le Monde on strike today was little followed. Of course, there is the eternal battle of numbers. According to estimates of the Ministry, 5.62% of secondary teachers are on strike, including 6.92% in colleges, 5.24% in general and technical secondary schools and vocational schools in 2.04% ,. According to the SNES, the percentage of strikers would be "30%". The union accuses the ministry to build its estimate by taking into account the teachers supposed to do during the morning in the first hour, while in colleges and some high schools may begin later. The SNES also stresses that its count does not include vocational schools, where there was no call for protests. The SNES-FSU was the only major trade unions of Education to call for strike Monday, others refusing to take that risk before the inter-day Tuesday on pensions and as many teachers discover their classes this autumn . And this day Tuesday risk it, to be well-attended. It was announced on 2 teachers 3 strike tomorrow. And many people in the street … Researchers note high school reform Note: encouraging but could do better … This article, published a few days ago, and that I had neglected, deserves our attention. Cross is interested in reform schools and questioned several education specialists on this subject. Most researchers agree that the reform is effective for the second class in the right direction, even if it lacks ambition and that it contains potentially drifts and perverse Dubet underlines the willingness to go the way of rebalancing but also notes that "there is a bit illusory to change the weight of the different series without reforming the baccalaureate …". Eric Charbonnier (OECD) said that compared to other OECD countries, France has school schedules very loaded and distributed over a short period of time. It considers both personalized support hours can be an opportunity "provided that these two hours weekly are scheduled at a time when young people are receptive and that teachers attach to really know the students, their level, their strengths and weaknesses, instead of reproducing scaled the traditional course structure. ". For sociologist Marie Duru-Bellat if exploration teachings are a good thing when it is assumed that the students will choose them according to their interests, this can also contribute to reproduce the sectors and classes level. Finally, the historian Claude Lelievre welcomes the introduction to the economy is mandatory (despite the low hourly). "For me, it is impossible to understand the challenges of today’s world if we do not have minimum economic base. This material, before becoming part of a sector or specialization, contributes to citizenship. "And emphasizes the need to make a general education that combine the looks" For it must be able to rely on the theory and make the link between economy and society, through sociology. "Threats to the NPRI In Release Veronique Soule returns to the situation of the NPRI. The existence of the National Institute for Educational Research is under threat effect. As often, the bad shots are during the summer. We saw it for educational movements (including the Teaching CRAP-Notebooks). And as for them, the reasons are first budget but in the end is a bad blow to the pedagogy. Currently, the NPRI is a public administrative establishment (EPA) under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Research. But the Ministry of Education wants to get rid of it and return to the single umbrella of Higher Education. The rue de Grenelle and save the 13 million euros allocated grants each year to the NPRI. "We knew for months that the department was looking to get rid of us, explains Annie Feyfant, the Sgen-CFDT. As we are in Lyon, on grounds of the Ecole Normale Superieure, it would incorporate us in part, in research laboratories. But of course the staff, which currently has 220 people, would be reduced. "Starting with the 40 teachers who are posted there and would be returning to classes. For the Inter establishment that alerts a comprehensive leaflet, it is indeed an attack against a vital tool in steering of Education. And he asks: "the Ministry of Education has he decided to forego a national institute capable of performing missions in the educational community needs (research, expertise, resources, training)? " Good reading… ——————————————– – of 06/09/10 (some paid items) Teachers: the return of the strike on the eve of the movement against the pension reform, the SNES calls for a day of action today in the secondary against poor working conditions. Read more of the article invented the disposable Chatel research center In April, the Education Minister Luc Chatel was glad to find the NPRI – National Educational Research Institute – to organize a seminar on "relations between the school and the nation yesterday and today." In the aftermath of disastrous debate on national identity led by Eric Besson, the order had come from the castle to find him a following far more respectable, even scientific, ideally even with intellectuals. NPRI, a serious research institute, was then tasked to organize a conference, inaugurated by the Minister in person. But time has passed. Today Luc Chatel desperate to save jobs – 16,000 in 2011 after 16,000 this year. Officially, it is called to "optimize resources" that would not be distributed better … In fact, we look everywhere, in every corner, because the whole economy is good to take. And today, the NPRI finds himself threatened. Read more of the article Dearest school While the demonstrations and hunger strikes of "precari", some 200,000 non-tenured teachers, without affectation and superbly snubbed by the current Minister of Education make the headlines, back to school approach in Italy. Students must return to the school benches between 10 and 18 September (by region), after more than three endless months of summer vacation, obsolete legacy of ancient times and whose reduction has never seemed be a government priority. But this year, the back has a slightly bitter taste. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 06/09/10 Education: two days of strike just after the summer the SNES called the teachers to stop work on Monday to defend the education system. Read more of the article Strike little followed in colleges and high schools The movement met on Monday to 5.6% of strikers, according to the Ministry of Education, 30%, according to the SNES-FSU. Tuesday’s strike looks strong contrast in primary schools. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the (some paid items) of 06/09/10 Khagne: superior normal schools, Institutes of political studies and Ecricome same fight a "unique competition" will be created between Normale Sup, schools trade and provincial IEP, to expand opportunities of the literary sector, announced September 3 the Minister of higher Education Valerie Pecresse. Read more from the article "I will strike because for the first time in 25 years of teaching, I fear" On strike since the education system is in danger – Poorly chosen date -A mode of action that has lost its effectiveness – for young students, the strike is a luxury More Article strike little followed in secondary schools strike in secondary schools, the call of the SNES-FSU, met Monday 6th September morning between 5.62% (according to the preliminary estimate of the Ministry of education) and 30% (depending on the SNES) strikers. According to the Ministry of Education, colleges rely 6.92% of strikers, general and technological high schools, 5.24% and vocational schools, 2.04%. Read more of the article Some secondary schools are mobilizing since Monday Teachers are preparing to massively participate in the general strike of Tuesday, September 7, according to their unions. A day to protest both against the pension reform bill that against job cuts in education. Sign of a particularly tense back, it’s on Monday that the SNES-FSU, the main union of secondary education gives the kickoff of the action by calling the teachers to strike and demonstrate. Read more of the article Parents play a kindergarten in the Essonne Some parents and elected officials held a kindergarten in Boussy-Saint-Antoine (Essonne) on Monday at midday, to request a class opening . "The camp is still in place, said the mayor of the town, the Socialist Romain Colas. We will continue to stay here if you do not get satisfaction." Read more of the article Teacher training: the error by Raymond-Philippe Garry, former chairman of the Conference of Directors of IUFM As might be expected, there are two years, the new teacher training system leads to the many difficulties announced here and there in institutions and press reports. Yet it would have been easy to get these changes in teacher training if we had known, beyond political divisions, think first of the students’ interest. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 06/09/10 Table (very) black Editorial by Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin Because breaststroke much, Minister of Education lacks decidedly no air … While 850,000 teachers were doing yesterday their return to prepare for the arrival on Thursday of the 12 million students, Luc Chatel, alias spokesman of the government, continued to dodge the burning issues, daring to assert, on the edge of the grotesque, that education was "doing well." Abusing a language well exercised after days of media occupation Luc Chatel called on France Inter, has harped that the school was the "first state budget," as if a historically known truth of all justified alone educational projects in progress, which form a destructive puzzle that we can already set up the pieces: fewer resources and personnel, unevenly trained teachers for schools with different objectives. Equal opportunities, essential value of the Republic is in peril. And this is not a discovery. Since Sarkozyism dislikes republican equality, why should continue to apply to school? Read more of the article An educational project in nothing innovative By ALINE LOUANGVANASSY, philosophy professor. While the ombudsman for children this summer gave a report pointing the shortcomings of the management of delinquent children in educational centers closed, ten rehabilitation facilities should be released in September in the form of internships for the students from thirteen to sixteen years have been the subject of multiple exclusions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 06/09/10 the strike followed in some schools and colleges They will give voice to the streets Tuesday to defend against the retirement reform bill government with other professions. But teachers of secondary schools are expected to strike today, Monday, to denounce "the rest" All measures which, in their eyes, year after year, undermine the republican school and the quality of teaching. Read more of the article strikers Teachers: 13% according to the Ministry, 50% according to unions between 13% and 50% of teachers in secondary schools responded to the strike call launched by eight union training throughout the France, according to estimates released in the late morning by the Ministry of Education and the SNES-FSU, the first union of secondary school. Read more of the article A teacher changes sex during summer A physics teacher, teaching in a Catholic private school in Saint-Herblain on the outskirts of Nantes, has changed sex during the summer. Since leaving on vacation, Vincent became Martine, this Thursday to accommodate students the first day of school. Read more of the article excellence boarding pass second 280 teenagers East Paris made their return to the boarding of excellence, against 116 last year. In its second year, the facility will attempt to convert the try. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— France Soir 06/09/10 Midi-Pyrenees – a discounted computer for high school students Regional Council of Midi-Pyrenees profited from this fall to launch OrdiLib ‘, a unique device France, which helps young people entering college to acquire a personal computer. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 06/09/10 How the Church speaks of sexuality for teens magazine "Initials" offers a special issue directed by the National Service of catechesis and catechumenate around the relationship education, emotional and adolescent sexual Read more article: education experts note the high school reform most researchers agree write my homework for me in canada
that the reform that between Thursday, September 2 in force for the second class is in the common sense, even if it lacks ambition Read more of the article the "ideal teacher" of the French According to a poll published Thursday, September 2 in Pilgrim (Survey TNS Sofres / Logica conducted from July 26 to 28 from 1060 people representative.), the French expect mostly teachers to be attentive to students (65%) and they interact with them ( 59%) before being authoritative (44%). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– echoes (some paid items) of 06/09/10 Education: some followed strike in secondary schools between 5.6% and 30% of secondary teachers were on strike Monday morning. They protest against the positions of cuts in education and the "difficulties of the season." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 06/09/10 Marie-France Henry on hazing: An "awareness" which remains "limited" According to the president of the National Committee against hazing, we need more "punish" the perpetrators … Read more Article Teachers: mobilization is no school on Monday the movement looks more followed Tuesday … Read more Article strike Monday in the high schools unions want to protest against the "difficulties of the season" … Read More Article ——————————– —————- Rue89 of 06/09/10 Nothing seen … ———————- ————————– West of France 06/09/10 Between 5.6% and 30% of strikers in colleges and high schools the strike in secondary schools to call the SNES-FSU met this morning to 5.62% (according to the preliminary estimate of the Ministry of Education) to 30% (according the SNES) strikers or strike followed less than those organized in 2009/2010. Read more of the article Make mistakes is what drives! Rehabilitating the error in our learning process: the idea may surprise. Yet this is the challenge associated researchers embark. Stripper. Read more of the article More than 251,000 students in Catholic teaching Brittany The Brittany Catholic teaching evokes a serene back "despite the challenges ahead" starts immediately Martial Limouzin, chairman of the academic committee of education Catholic Brittany. The figures are not final but vraisemblement beyond the forecasts announced 251,779 students at various Catholic institutions in Britain. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Journal du Dimanche 06/09/10 strike early in Education strikes begin from Monday in Education. The main union high school, the SNES-FSU, has indeed called to protest against government policy. He hopes a significant mobilization, despite the appointment of inter-day. The organization wants to focus on ways to problems. "The education system, including the second degree, is under attack as never" complains the SNES-FSU in a statement. Read more of the article Illiteracy: The foundation planned this fall Luc Chatel met on Monday a group of thirty academic correspondents appointed in April by the Ministry of Education and "to coordinate and boost preventive action and the fight against illiteracy as close to the unique needs of each territory, "a statement released after the meeting. The Minister asked the thirty emissaries to carry this fall "academic foundation for the prevention of illiteracy." Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 06/09/10 Between 5% and 30% of strikers in colleges and high schools the movement is therefore less monitoring than in previous years. But Tuesday’s strike looks strong in primary schools. Read more of the article are the students unloved School? "Chat" With CAROLINE BRIZARD, journalist with Le Nouvel Observateur, a specialist in education and national education 63% of students suffer from nervousness, 40% complain of insomnia. Why France does it treat bad students? According to the English journalist Peter Gumbel author of "good pupils They Shoot" (which we publish the exclusive extracts), the French school is an anxiety damper, which breaks from maternal self-confidence and creativity. Is this indictment exaggerated? Are the French children happy at school? How can parents help? What role do teachers? Live dialogue with the Education Specialist Nouvel Observateur. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 06/09/10 pre-strike in colleges and high schools trade unions have called the strike on September 7 against the pension reform bill presented to Parliament from that date. But from Monday, the SNES calls not to do courses in colleges and high schools. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 06/09/10 Two in three teachers on strike on September 7? According Snuipp, 62% of primary school teachers will be on strike Tuesday, September 7. Read more of the article Education soon retire? Depression, slump, decline? Everywhere tributary evidence of the weakening of the education system. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 06/09/10 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— EducPros of literary Prepas 06/09/10: new opportunities for BEL tests of bank the bank of literary events (BEL) will open to new partners, said September 3, 2010 Valerie Pecresse while traveling. The Minister of Higher Education and Research was traveling in Enghien for the inauguration of a literary preparatory classes, created in partnership between Gustave Monod Enghien high school and the University Paris 13 Villetaneuse (see box) . Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 06/09/10 dispatches Several thousand teachers demonstrate in Paris to call the SNES thousands of teachers demonstrated Monday paris to call the SNES-FSU, the main union high school to protest especially against job cuts and the reform of teacher training, said a journalist from AFP. Read more of the article Peep (parents) "rebels" against strikes "at the back" The Peep parents’ federation is "insurgent" Monday in a statement against the organized strikes "at the back", calling on the government to ensure the continuity of public service. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Monday, September 6, 2010

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